Meet Nanna

Women of Colour series: Nanna lives in Copenhagen.

 About Nanna:

I work in a nursery with little kids. They are completely pure, and I learn a lot from being around them. It’s hard work and tiring sometimes but it’s also such an important reminder of what we are. They’re transparent in their emotions, and haven’t yet been taught right from wrong in social structures, so if they’re scared, upset or feeling separated and lonely they cry. They don’t have anything covering their vulnerability, and that challenges and inspires me. Since I started seeing racial structures I’ve been able to acknowledge more of my adoptee background, and that’s given lots of insight, not really pleasant ones but I now see power structures everywhere, and male supremacy affecting me all the way into my deepest private sphere and my sense of self worth. And all these dynamics that I’m so used to obey, as a racialized woman, are showing their face and I see how much it’s limiting my personal freedom and it’s hard. But I love the kids for being real and expressing softness and vulnerability instead of acting only strong and empowered, when they’re not. It’s something I’m missing from grown ups, and I think it would make us much better people.

Model :Nanna, Image by Mybeautifulp, Makeup: @andreatcr and @cattaleeya