Sade, Co-founder of vis-à-vis collective and Cousin In Copenhagen

As part of my MBP´s  journey to get to know its subject´s inner thoughts, I decided to continue my stories feature. This time it was with the beautiful and stylish Sade. Our chat was so inspiring on so many levels. We chatted about life, motherhood, living a balanced life, fashion and being a leader rather than a follower.

Name: Sade Yde Johnson
Professions: Co-founder of vis á vis art collective in Danmark, Copenhagen.
A psychology student, co-founder of vis á vis and cousins, an African inspired clothing brand.
Passion. To express herself freely, inspire and influence people. I am  passionate about a lot of things, I do not like to limit myself. Just as much as I  prefer not to be limited by others definition of who I am.
Local or international:  International, I definitely see myself somewhere around the world.I have not found that place where I can call home.

Life philosophy: A wish to live a well balanced life but  this remains a constant struggle. Being Jamaican/ Danish, I can sometimes feel rootless.  I do not feel attached to the former nor the latter. Although my visit to West Africa was  the closest I have come to feeling home, I somehow felt home in Gambia, Ghana and more recently Senegal.

Cousin Brand: It is an African inspired brand where we use wax print to create beautiful, wearable designs. It came out of a sewing club where I spent time with my cousin and other women sewing for fun. My cousin came up with the idea of starting something. We started off by creating with our signature necklace,  and  we have since created many other items  for both children and adults. 

MBP: If anyone knows how to play around with colour and print, it is definitely Sade. Her home exudes the same type of aesthetic as her style.