Art Comes First


 So a few weeks ago I was In London for the Afro punk festival. To my biggest surprise I bumped into one of the Art Comes First co-founders Shaka. I was star -struck!  After a very awkward  introduction from my side. I reached for my camera while asking if I could take a picture.  Shaka said yes. I was so nervous but luckily I managed to get one shot that I was not quite impressed with. During our conversation Shaka told me they will be in Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Fashion Week and told to come and check them out.

Fast forward to  three days ago. A guy I follow on Instagram told me ACF were in Copenhagen after he saw my picture and caption on instagram.  "the mountain can not come to Mohamed" So I  decided to send a DM to ACF, brave! I know. I told them that would I really love to come see them and see their work.  Being the cool and down to earth guys that they are. They helped me secure access to the fair where they were showing- casing their latest collection.

Armed with my camera and my big smile as always, I went. When I saw them  talking to some potential buyers I felt maybe this was not a good idea after all. I am  just a  blogger/ photographer with  a wish to say hello to them and tell them how much they inspire us and how much I love what their work, especially the leather jackets and hats. I  am not a buyer, so why would they waste time on me.Well, I was wrong.

I started talking to Sam. I can not begin to tell you how amazing and down to earth Sam was. I also spoke Shaka as well, he was equally nice. We all shared our love for South Africa, Joburg.  Luckily there was super amazing friend of theirs who offered to take pictures with my camera.  He did a amazing job. I hope to meet them in Jo´burg  next time.

 If you have seen Shaka and Sam you will know which aesthetic their work stands for. They are their brand and are true to its cores. Their designs  are minimalistic but maximalist in how they accessorise their outfits with their silver jewellery.  The t-shirt Sam is wearing is in their new collection.  ART COMES FIRST


Zozo Mposula