Bonga Manga: The youth talks and Bifuko watches founder

Bongana Manga is a trailblazer, an Afro- Nowergian,  a professional soccer player and an entrepreneur. He is also the founder of The Youth talks, a multicultural digital magazine all about making change, celebrating and highlighting  how young Afro- Norwegians do have a ideas, opinions and a voice.







One of the aims of My beautiful people is to find Afro trailblazers that  are actively contributing to changing the narrative of what it means to be multicultural in their own terms. Whether it be through fashion, art, or music.

Bonga is exactly that:  the 22 year old young afro- trailblazer is very clear on on his path and  the steps that need to be  taken in order to change the negative narrative of having a multiculturalbackground. He is not only actively doing something through his magazine The Youth Talks, but his ideas and visions of making a positive impact are very articulate. Bonga is a " true young one", a millennial who  utilises the power of social media to  create change. 

With  his experience  as a professional football player, he uses the strength, discipline and focus  in being a footballer to  make  The youth talks a successful platform for sharing and educating.

I met Bonga in Copenhagen a few weeks ago. I was bowled over by the level of maturity considering the fact that he is only 22. Bonga struck me as very focused and articulate young sportsman and entrepreneur, very unlikely for a 22 year old. Our time together was of sharing and discussing matters that we are both passionate about, The uplifting and celebration of Africa. Our meeting  was based on a mutual wish for creating  a space for us, by us and for whoever that wants to be be part of us. if you want to see more of his work,  be sure to check out  The Youth Talks on instagram.

MBP:  Please introduce yourself.

BM: Bongana Monga, Congolese- Norwegian

MBP: How old are you?

BM: I was born in 1994, so that make me 22
MBP: Name your city of residency

MB: based in Norway/Oslo  

MBP:Who is Bongana and what keeps him  going?

BM:  I see myself as a visionary person. I always have an idea or see a way things can be done differently. It does not always work, but I always try,  and that is my strength I guess. I have never thought about what keeps me going, beside the need to create change. I am a dreamer and a sportsman.
MBP: Are you Chameleon, meaning not only are you a talented sportsman but a young entrepreneur as well, tell us about how you navigate these two worlds.

BM: My longest or maybe deepest friend is football, football has been a great teacher to me. If I did not play football, I dont think I would have this character and strength.

I feel that playing football has sort of prepared me to life itself. "You fail but you keep on trying". Knowing the fact that I  can learn a brand new skill and master it daily, through repetition, practise, consistency and never giving up.

As an entrepreneur you have to lose some to win some  but still you keep trying. For me  this is very similar to football training. You miss a pass, but you do not spend your time dwelling on that, you try again from where you were.

MBP: What inspires you?

BM: There  is nothing more giving or inspiring than to see someone else doing good or fighting the same fight as you, it just gives such a big boost and confidence. And I am in love with the idea of creating something out of nothing, its almost like an obsession.  

MBP: Tell us about "  The youth talks"
BM:The Youth Talks, for me it like a statement, "yes we can". it seems to me that there are many young people with great ideas and voices but there is no platform created for them.This makes it harder for them to speak out. So with The Youth Talks  I hope to create a platform and  an audience for the my generation( millennials) where they are free to speak and share.


MBP: What do you think about the Afro-Scandinavians  community?

BM: There is an awakening that I feel and see around me in the Afro Scandinavians Community, and I love it! this self awareness gives me hope. I see people no longer pointing fingers on what is wrong with the system or society, they are taking things in their own hands are being the pioneers. Like I said or Obama said, YES WE CAN! 

MBP: What does the future looks like for Bongana?

BM: My future is not set, I might move from Oslo to any major city in Europe in  the near future. but the work will be the same no matter where am I am based.  This is it how it goes: Football , The Youth Talks, entrepreneurship


MBP: Any ultimate goals?

BM:  to bring the Youth talks to a global status, or bring The youth talks to the Global stage, 

Inspire people with the fashion brand I am working on. 

Make to be African ( Cool )  again to its fullest like with my name ( Bongana Monga, uncompromising. no compromise.