Meet Betty, Afro- Dane

Meet Betty P. Nkandindima a true " Copenhagener", current affairs journalist and Afro- Dane...... My beautiful people and now a co founder of A SEAT AT THE TABLE Podcast..... more on the ASATT.

She lives in Nørrebro.

MBP: How would describe Copenhagen?

B: "Copenhagen is like a big village, where everything is easily accessible by bike. The bike gives me  a sense of freedom and independence."

MBP:What is your style memory?

B:Style memory: Buffalo boots and ball bottoms. I needed that style. To complete the look I had a Nokia, those items were my fashion moment statement bought from months of saving. Today though, I prefer to incorporate  and ingest some African colour and patterns into my style but the fit and comfort are the most crucial,

I Love shoes, they  are my weakness, loads of them.

MBP: Dream and aspirations, where is Betty in  in future?

B:Although I am a journalist in Denmark, London is my dream place.  BBC or CNN are the ultimate places to land, career wise. After that I would love to return to Zambia and do some development projects.

MBP: What do you do to relax?

B:To relax and cool down: I enjoy  listening to radio,  do Bikram yoga and singing classes as well as gym, these activities keep me balanced." 

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