A Princess: A female version of Robin Hood.

She refers to herself as the female version of Robin Hood, maybe because she knows how it feels to be bullied and is now making sure that by sharing her story others can be inspired. Her mom taught her to " take from the rich and give to the poor" meaning helping others less fortunate and in need of help.



Meseret  aka@soulmaamaa was born in September the 22nd in 1994 in a small village called Tita Whollo located in the mountains of Northern Ethiopia

Her definition of Beauty

I believe that beauty of course comes from within and working on yourself is part of  beauty, so if you can work on your soul first you’re on the right track. 
As a kid, I am sure many can relate that as a black child growing up in a Western society I was bullied. So for me a smart/fast response became a daily routine, but that had to change, when I finally understood fully that it was not me, but them. Whenever you’re/were bullied it’s not you, but them, yes always. With that being said, I had to teach myself (self-love) on a level I have never known before. That meant stop wearing fake hair, so I could embrace my curls, stop wearing too much makeup and love my skin, curves, bone structures and so on. 

Still on beauty and self love

When it came to my skin and make-up of course I could not find the right shade of foundation, so instead of fighting “the system” I had to embrace how flawless my skin was.  There were people who had  more serious issues than mine: some had acne, some had issues with their bodies, some with their hair and so on. This taught me that everyone has their struggles.  Instead of feeling down and think it is the end of the world I used these issues as a reminder  to myself that I'm okay with my own issues. 

One of my own qoutes is: "some has it better and worse than you" , so  you only win in life if you focus on you and make the changes within.  If you think automatically you’re in deep shit and have problems then always remember there’s someone doing better or worse than you.

I have  done soul searching. 


I currently do not wear makeup on a daily basis, but sometimes I do feel like it and other times I  just  go “natural” with a strong lipstick or “nude lips”. When I am being practical and yet still want to feel pretty I simply wear a lipstick, because I know at times I  am simply too tired after long day to take off my “full face”.

Word of advice for the #Young Ones out there

Always remember you can do things that no one else can. Make sure you take a good look at your soul and you shall always find, beauty, strength, faith, will and talents. 

MBP:I would like to say happy birthday to this gorgeous lady on this special. Thank you

 Images by MBP and Maribrooklyn