A Seat At The Table Collective

If you do not know who A Seat At the Table is, then I would suggest that you get yourself acquainted with this lively, witty, intelligent, insightful, engaging collective of beautiful Afro Danes consisting of Stephany, Naima and Ingrid.

As Afro Danes we have become aware of how significant is it to tell our own narratives. A seat at the table does just that. Through their podcasts, they are able invite the listener at the table to engage on issues concerning women/men of colour in general. A Seat At The Table goes beyond discussing these issues but they engage and challenge the stereotypes that are prevalent about us. If you want to know more about who they are, you can check a video feature where they go in depth with why they started their podcast and why it is important to create such spaces. You find A Seat At The Table on itunes and on instagram. You can also check them on facebook.