Women who inspire me


Meet Ellen

I bumped into Ellen in the walking streets Copenhagen looking amazing. I was met by a gorgeous and confident young woman. Our brief exchange inspired me. We talked about a lot of things, our love for our Southern African roots, the arts, from dancing to acting. Ellen is a chameleon, not only is she an actress, singer, model, student , runs her own charity  but she is a mother  but she makes everything sounds so easy.

Who is  Ellen

Ellen Cassandra Gram ,I am from Malawi and Denmark. My mother is Malawian and my father is from Denmark. I am a student at Copenhagen business school and  I work as an actress. I enjoy most things in life, everything from taking quite walks to a hectic day on set but most importantly I enjoy the company of extraordinary people. I want to work as a full time actress and singer while I continue to work on charities.

" I am passionate about making a difference"

Her Passion

I am currently invested in charity called Bald for Malawi, where the mission is to help people who cannot take care of themselves. I am passionate about making a difference regardless of it being big or small. I am passionate about being a brave voice on behalf of people  in their currents position that are not able to speak their truth.

 My other passions, I have a music project in the making, our song is called Dance with me, and can be streamed on Spotify, Tidal and Amazon. The song is Zaynt feat. My Instagram is

@insta_ecgram, and Ellen Cassandra Graham on facebook.