Boss Lady, Naeema Brink cosmetics

Naeema is an octopus as she juggles the different roles: motherhood, business woman, product creator , make-up artist and now founder of her Naeema Brink cosmetic.

“I started out as a lifestyle, beauty and make-up blogger, that is how I got the many followers. I took an education as a make-up artist because I did not think you can purchase lipsticks suitable for dark skin tone women in Denmark. While I was experimenting with different make-up colours, I got connected to a company in Italy who could create my lipsticks.

I sell my lipstick under my brand name, Naeema Brink via social media and through my website. My costumers are from different parts of world.. My dream is to expand my brand with more make-ip products. Apart from running Naeema Brink, I also do make -up and advise on how to use make-up.”

The first time I met this trailblazing boss lady was last year at the Couleur Cafe African market where she was the make- up artists. I took a picture of her and posted it on my page, this is how we started connecting as I discovered that she was the founder of Naeema Brink Cosmetics.

Naeema loves make- up and excels at it, so naturally I wanted to learn more about her brand and the woman behind the brand. We met a few weeks ago where she gifted me with two lipsticks. I also bought one to show my support for her brand. The lipsticks are long lasting and beautiful on any skintone. Each lipstick is named after a Somalian city, for example mine is Burco. We wore the lipsticks for the MBP exhibition and mine looked amazing with my red headwrap. Naeema is an inspiration to many women that it can be done! Vist

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