Beautiful Mothers

As an African woman living in Denmark. During my early years of motherhood I missed connecting with other African mothers, sharing ideas on childrearing, sharing concerns about raising my children in a multicultural family where I still could pass on my African heritage. Beautiful mothers is a new venture where I will be featuring a beautiful mother each month. The aim is to create a community of mothers who can share with us and other moms on how they experience motherhood. Our first beautiful mom is Sophie Awa Bergman.


MBP:Tell us about the day your daughter was born.  

SAB:Ellie Was born on the 4th of January 2019. A day I really looked forward to. I went past my due date and everything was on a standstill until that day ,the 4th, where I had my first contractions. The birth was an amazing experience and the support I received from my boyfriend was beyond me. Elie was born at 20:55, and unforgettable night!

MBP: Her personality?

SAB: Ellie is almost three months now and she has the sweetest personality and the sweetest smile. She knows what she want and does not want. She is good at communicating, for example she would give a signal if she does not like the way she is carried.

MBP: Her name

SAB: Her name is Ellie, My boyfriend and I knew from the beginning that is what we wanted to name her. It is an international name and exists in many languages. We think it is a simple but elegant name. Apart from Ellie, she also has a meaningful name, Awa. Awa is my biological name from my African side. I was born in Burkina Faso. I always knew I wished to pass my African name to my children one day

MBP: Adjusting to motherhood, how has it been?

SAB: At times it can be overwhelming and hard because you can not do what you could easily do before your baby was born. Now you have a little person to bring with you where ever you go. I also think it is a beautiful thing to be responsible for a little human being . At the same time, I am learning to get to know myself in a role I have never tried, being a mother.

MBP: What is the most surprising aspect about motherhood?

SAB: Definitely prioritising someone before yourself is the most beautiful thing. Ellie is an important person and is my first priority. It is no longer about me but about Ellie, Ellie and Ellie. 

Of course you have to remember yourself in the new role as a parent because if mama is happy then obviously the baby will be happy as well but we live in a world where the focus is on an individual and what that individual wants and needs. In a world where people like to show themselves off. For me, that is no longer a priority, my number one priority is Ellie, the fact that she is thriving and well.The fact that we are also thriving as a new little family is important.

MBP:Hang out or places for taking strolls with Ellie?

SAW: We take walks daily, I have been doing that since day one. We mainly take strolls by the lakes in Amager and Christianshavn.

MBP:Fashion outfit to feel stylish?

SAB: I bought a new skirt that I am in love with and I use very often. I have discovered that I do not have so much time to get myself ready, so having items that are easy to style, makes getting ready less stressful and I can create simple outfits where I just add colour to create a statement outfit.

MBP:Finish the statement. Motherhood is....... 

SAB: Is the craziest journey that I have just begun and that will never end!