founder of My beautiful People featured by Women of Denmark


Meet Zozo Ntokazi Mposula, the creator + founder of My Beautiful P.

When I met her, she told me that I was brave. I thought she was courageous, bold and honest. I knew there'd be no b.s. with this woman. Only truth + a real, clear reflection.

Within the first 30 minutes of meeting, we touched on racism, discrimination and shared a glimpse of our personal experiences. My 11-month old son took to her within a split second.

I feel I've met her in another life and I want to know her in this one—because of her creative energy + what she stands for. Her mission is important...

She makes me feel unafraid to come undone, to unveil white privilege, to bring white fragility to the surface and to understand the depths of cultural appropriation.

She holds powerful space for discussion, vulnerability and for elevated thinking.

She is a mother, a teacher, a photographer and performing artist. I'd also say she's a visionary, a bridge builder, and a cultural keeper—a woman who teaches + passes on tradition.

She was born in South Africa. Denmark is now home to her and her children. She is luring back the traditions of her mother land and inviting other African women to connect + re-connect—to share their views on the challenges of multi-cultural relationships and how to keep culture + tradition alive when two cultures unite, procreate, and even fall a part.

I cannot wait for her talk on June 22 Union KBH as a Women Of Denmark.