Gothenburg for a weekend getaway

A quick getaway

During the Autumn holidays we took a one day getaway to Gothenburg. Gothenburg is the second largest city after Stockholm. It is a mixture of old and new buildings. Some parts of the city have the  Berlin type of feel to it. We stayed at the luxurious Elite Plaza Hotel, situated close to the  Opera house. The stay at the hotel was a dream, worth the the price and the 4 hours drive from Copenhagen. We walked a lot, in my opinion this is the best way to experience the city. The highlights of my visit was eating the Kanelbuller:  A Scandinavian cinnamon roll.  They are huge in size so we decided to share one.  This delicious snack with a latte was what we needed after exploring the city.

Must do´s: A visit to the Opera is a must even though it was closed. We had the best meal at Bocca, Spanish restaurant that serves Tapas in real Spanish style. IF you go there be sure to try the Sangrita on white wine. Lastly walking or cycling  to get around is also a must. It the best way to experience the city´s hidden gems.

Zozo Mposula