London with two fashion pieces.

I love London. I have been there a countless times. On my recent trip I attended the  Afro punk festival. Each visit  is always for a two to three day stay.  Over the years I  think I have mastered how to pack for London.  Even in summer, the days can be gloomy and rainy.  My simple  must bring are  a pair of leather trousers and a utility jacket that can be paired with anything from a nice shirt with heels to sneaker, a nice cashmere v.neck sweater paired  with loafers is nice too. I love the versatility of these two items. Lastly,  accessories: sunglasses and my scarves, one warm scarf and a silk one to brighten up my face. The sandals  are an extra and can be worn with socks, but I can only do this in Europe, never in South Africa. "It is  a cultural thing". wearing sandals with socks.

   Please share your tips on how you travel light

Zozo Mposula