Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017


I was fortunate enough to be part of the one day  Zalondo Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 event in Papirhallen last week. The event featured talks from Scandinavian designers and fashion experts  who shared their knowledge and experience on fashion, trends and sustainable fashion as the future. There were also Q&A from the hostess with Malene Malling, Creative director for Vero Moda

The event also hosted young and upcoming designers who showcased their work.  What I enjoyed the most was seeing a few  models of colour gracing the runway. For me this is a big step for the Danish Fashion industry to recognise that there is a great need  for representing  beyond the colour scope.

The term: Danish woman, is a much broader term today than it was  20 years ago.  As a lover of fashion I need to feel represented.  Featuring women of colour in the show is " smaller steps that might lead to giant leaps"  Only time will tell if we will be seeing more women of colour gracing the runway.

 What are your thoughts on this issue?