My South Africa

Joburg, from a Joburger

As you might have guessed, I am proudly South African living in Denmark. I was born and bred in South. South Africa is so much part of me even when I practically visit every second to third year. South has a sad and long history of oppression. This post is not about that but about celebrating a beautiful country, its nature and people and that regardless of its challenges of high crime and race, it is still a magnificent country that is worth visiting and exploring.

Joburg, Durbs and Cape Town 

 I am Joburger meaning, Joburg is my hood, I  grew up there and know it in and out. I love its upbeat tempo, pulse, melting pot feel.  It is called the city of Gold maybe  because that is  where dreams come true. 

I love Joburg except  during the festive season but then again Cape  Town or Durbs are my favourite cities. This  could be due to the laid back mood, the beautiful beaches and  nature. It would be hard picking and unfair to pick between these cities.They are  all worth the visit. I will share a little secret though..... Mpumalanga is a region that is breathtakingly beautiful that nothing compares and it is a two hour drive if you can not get to Cape or Durbs. 

My pictures are from Joburg, Soweto, Nelson Mandela house, the  Hector Peterson memorial and Maboneng. These are a must see. Then there is Cape town table mountain,  Boulders Bay beach if you want to see Penguins. Lastly, pictures from Port Saint Johns,  a must see paradise in the Eastern Cape.  I highly recommend a road trip from Joburg to Cape which can be done in four days.  a few  stops in Port S. J, Port  Elizabeth and then Cape.

 Have you been to S.A, are you planning to go there or  do you know of someone planning to go. drop me line.