South Africa and Ponta Do Ouro


South Africa

I have just returned from a one month visit to South Africa after almost three years. It was a beautiful  month full of catching up with old friends and family. Eating lots of good food and enjoying the beauty and diversity of African  women and men.  I basked in the beauty and confidence that  women of colour exude and was reaffirmed that I am a daughter of the beautiful people.

 South African women and men especially women of colour are proud of who they are, this is often expressed through their style which infuses African and modern trends but also how they wear and play with their hair.

 I spent three weeks in Joburg my native city and three days is in Mozambique, Ponta Do Ouro. These two places are like night and day. Jo´burg is vibrant and up-tempo , always on the move and Ponta is laid back,  beautiful beach, white sands and chilled almost  paradise like and prawns, yum!. I will share more on Joziburg and Ponta experiences.