My make -up essentials

Make up must have

Make up.

I will gladly admit that when it comes to make-up, I have not mastered the latest trends of contouring and what have you. I sound old?  Ok. I guess when it comes to make- up I am very basic and maybe a bit conservative.

Lipsticks, I have like five of them,  red, burgundy and pink are my favourite colours. Nars, Mac and Sisely are my favourite brands when it comes to bright colours. I have a foundation from Lancòme , a highlighter that I use  for shimmer by Nars and Lancòme mascara,  as well as  an eyeliner which I use occasionally. It sounds boring right? I wish I was more experimental and daring but I buy products that I end up not using. This is why my make-up collection is so basic.

What are your make-up essentials and what is your must have? That product you can not leave home without.... Mine is lipstick. I am lipstick type of woman.