My Love for Italy: Rome and Florence

Rome is overrated, Florence is laid back, cool type of non- intimidating vibe to it.

The first time I went to Italy was almost four years ago. We went to Rome for three days. I was impressed by all that there was to see, national monuments, among others the magnificent Colosseum. Naturally I was completely convinced that Rome was thé city for me.

I remained in that belief until a few weeks ago when I decided to take a solo three day trip to Florence with the help of my Italian friend Giorgio. He said I was going to fall madly in love with Florence. I was not convinced, nothing could surpass my romantic experience in Rome.

Planning my itinerary with the help from my friend. I wanted to make to sure to see some of the monumental building like the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. as well as some museums like the Gucci Museum. Florence is the home of Gucci, so you see why Florence is way cooler than Rome form a fashion lover´s perspective.

I flew with Norwegian to Rome, this was because the only direct flight was too expensive. From Rome I took the fast train to Florence Santa Maria central station. It only took me an hour and half and costs 350 dkk. From Florence I took to the train to my air bnb. A nice quiet area 10 minutes away from the station.

Day 1. I walked to find the Pitti Imagine fashion fair right behind the main station. It is a must see, the most stylish, immaculately dressed people there. If you enjoy fashion you will love this. I walked through walking street to find Ponte Vechhio ( see picture above). I walked around the Duomo, such a majestic and architecturally magnificent piece of art. NB, remember to eat a gelato and drink lots of cappuccino in-between the long walks.

Day 2: I walked again to get the feel of the city before I went to climb the 463 stairs all the way up the most breathtaking view of Florence. in the Duomo. It was all worth it. With the same ticket you can visit the Duomo Museum as well as the Cathedral.I went to to see the Piazza but did not go in because the weather was simply gorgeous to spend time indoors. So another gelato, people viewing and more cappuccino was what I opted for. I ate delicious pizza at the Mercato Centrale. I finished my evening at a posh restaurant Fuocco Matto nearby the Piazza San Marco sitting among the most well dressed Italian men, who make white jeans and navy blazer the best colour combo ever. I had the most divine pasta dish.

Florenece is everything. The people are well dressed, the food is simple but amazing , even the