A fashion lover at heart


 It Is no secret that the reason I am drawn to  the Afro -street style I witness daily is because I  am fashion lover at heart.  I am inspired by  my subjects. My personal style: I am more of a vintage mix and match type of girl. I love to a wear a piece that is  a conversation starter, e.g. Vintage earrings or YSL vintage satin pumps. I enjoy following trends but I prefer to translate them into my wardrobe.

 I enjoy observing people on the street, young and old. I equally enjoy fashion magazine as a source of inspiration not a dictator into what I should and should not wear. I  also love fashion books of people like Garance Dore, Love, Style and Life women I can relate to, to get my inspiration for my outfits but Tamu Mcpherson is thé woman for me. Check her out at alltheprettynirds.com

Speaking of Garance Dore. I purchased her book Love, Style, Life last year summer and it is that type a book I keep  going back to reading depending on what I am focusing on. It could be style, on how to follow your dreams of creativity or just have a laugh.

Where do you source your inspiration for your style?